Joint Press Release: Royal Civil Service Commission and Government Technology Agency

NDI Integrated ZESt System (RCSC)

The Zhiyog Electronic System (ZESt) under the Royal Civil Service Commission has been successfully integrated with the Bhutan NDI Wallet, allowing civil servants to obtain Civil Servant Credentials. There are two types of credentials available: the Employee ID credential, which remains unchanged as long as the individual is a civil servant, and the credential for the current post and working agency.

Business Contest Report: Bhutan Health Care Mobile Application

We are thrilled to share the highlights of the recent Business Contest for the Bhutan Health Care Mobile Application!.

Read our comprehensive highlights to learn about the participating companies, audience engagement, and key outcomes of this impactful event. We had a total of 54 people (39 participants on site and 15 people online) joined.

Bhutan Healthcare APP Business Contest – Calling out Bhutanese Citizens for online votes!

GovTech Agency & the Ministry of Health is executing a project with JICA for solving health issues such as the prevention of NCDs, reducing the growing cost of healthcare, and promoting innovation in health-related services, by creating an environment that promotes integrated management of health data and the utilization of data(through development and integration of four health data banks with National Digital ID).


The Government Technology (Govtech) Agency, Thimphu would like to invite quotations for the air ticket for the itinerary below. You are requested to submit your quotation before 1:00 pm on Thursday (25/4/2024).

Competitive Bidding Notice for Health Service App Development for the “Project for Strengthening Government Capacity for Using Digital Technology and Data”

With reference to the Requirement Definition shared on 31st Aug 2023, the JICA Bhutan, GovTech Agency and Accenture hereby invites participation from eligible organization for the Health service application development under Technical Cooperation of the Government of Japan as follows:

Invitation to attend Soldering Training from IPC Certified Trainer.

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech Agency) invites interested individuals to take an upskilling course on Electronics Soldering. The soldering course will be conducted by IPC standard certified trainer and will be held in GovTech Campus. The course duration is 4 days. The course will introduce the key tools, materials, and processes for operators working in electronics assembly. After the course, the participants will be able to employ the key tools, materials, and processes required to assemble Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCAs) within the electronics manufacturing facility.

Notification on National Data Governance Framework Survey (online) that will be carried out between 12th - 23rd February 2024

The survey will be shared through Google Forms by the National Consultant, and the link will be sent directly to the officials who manage/handle system/department/organization level data.
GovTech Agency would like your support in responding to the survey as your responses will contribute towards shaping Bhutan’s Data Governance Framework.