Joint Press Release: Royal Civil Service Commission and Government Technology Agency

NDI Integrated ZESt System (RCSC)

The Zhiyog Electronic System (ZESt) under the Royal Civil Service Commission has been successfully integrated with the Bhutan NDI Wallet, allowing civil servants to obtain Civil Servant Credentials. There are two types of credentials available: the Employee ID credential, which remains unchanged as long as the individual is a civil servant, and the credential for the current post and working agency.

These credentials can be stored in their NDI wallet and used to verify civil servant status digitally by sharing it to third party systems, facilitating passwordless login, for instance to ZESt, LFS, and agency portals for delivering G2C and G2B services. This passwordless login not only simplifies access by eliminating the need to remember passwords but also ensures that only authorized users can access the systems.

This integration is part of the broader Bhutan National Digital Identity implementation initiative, managed by GovTech in partnership with Bhutan NDI Company, DHI, which includes several NDI wallet integrations.

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